social media 2020

In 2020, Gab and MeWe are newly added onto my social media list. Google+ is out.  Be aware that Gab has 2FA but MeWe does not.  

20 years ago, I was using geocities, ICQ and MSN.  I started using Facebook 10+ years ago.  Today, I feel that Facebook , Twitter and YouTube are fading.  

Different social media apps are only platforms and formats.  The trend of social media changes every few years.  I believe that most important thing is the content.  “Content is king.”


My social accounts "drchanpierre"

  1. ask.fm/drchanpierre
  2. drchanpierre.blogspot.com
  3. facebook.com/drpierrechan   
  4. flickr.com/photos/drchanpierre 
  5. gab.com/drchanpierre 
  6. instagram.com/drchanpierre 
  7. www.linkedin.com/in/drchanpierre-陳沛然-a26789ba/ 
  8. drchanpierre.medium.com/ 
  9. mewe.com/i/drchanpierre 
  10. pinterest.com/drchanpierre 
  11. reddit.com/u/drchanpierre 
  12. drchanpierre.tumblr.com 
  13. twitter.com/drchanpierre 
  14. vk.com/drchanpierre 
  15. tinyurl.com/youtube-drchanpierre


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