20 years of Legco websites

Let me take you to time tunnel in visiting the changes of legco websites in 20 years.  The above is legco year 1996 website, which may be set up by FTP (file transfer protocol).

In year 1998, when Legco was transferred to "Provisional Legco". Chinese name was changed from 立法局 to 立法會, and the website was upgraded to another design.

In year 2000, there was another design.  You may see that there were words and hyperlinks in the major layout.

This is the only one that I could find between 2000 to 2009.

In 2010, there was flash on left hand side and rolling contents on left hand side.

In year 2012, there were more info boxes, photos and calender.   These were major upgrades in website design.

Last but not least, this is the latest layout of current website.  It is user-friendly, having mobile conversion, chinese-english version, search function and HTTPS security.

Dr. Pierre Chan

Legislative Councillor of HKSAR
Part-time I.T. Consultant
20 Nov 2017